Spoiler Alert: Jordy is this year’s Stab in the Dark Surfer

Stab in the Dark is one of my favorite surf related original content. It is such a simple concept, yet so captivating. A surfer has to pick his favorite branded board with no hints or logos to help guide them whatsoever. I find it even more challenging for the shaper. It is a complete shot in the dark. The shaper is given the surfer’s height and weight and where the board will be surfed.

Surf Gush knows people (no big deal) and received the specs for this year’s surfer a couple months ago. Stab prompted the shapers with these hints:

  • The Surfer is 6’3″ and 190 lbs.
  • Each board entered must have Futures Fin boxes
  • Each Board has no logos and no carbon
  • The surfer will be testing the equipment in the Mentawais
  • If the board breaks, then tough luck

Who is the Mystery Man?

Being the losers we are, we immediately started an in-depth research session of who the mystery surfer could be. Since most professional surfers don’t even break 6’0″ we knew we had a good chance of finding the culprit. We narrowed our search to 3 potential surfers; Dane Gudauskas, Jack Freestone (he has great fins), and Jordy Smith. We then began to scour these pro surfers’ Instagram accounts around the predicted filming schedule of SITD. This is where it all came together. Jordy seemed to go on an impromptu trip to “somewhere tropical”  corresponding with the same time that STAB was shooting for Stab in the Dark.

Since we love jumping to conclusions, Jordy is this year’s Stab in the Dark Surfer! STAB couldn’t hide those giant pepperoni nipples from us.


Anyway Here is a really cool edit of Jordy


Who Do you think thist year’s Stab in the Dark surfer is?