Product Review: Jack Freestone Futures Fins

The Jack Freestone signature fins is part of the Control Series from Futures Fins. Futures Control Series is their newest line that is their lightest fiberglass fin made. The Control Series provide a slimmer profile for less weight and drag.

The Feel

The Jack Freestone’s are the newest fin to the Control Series family. The Freestone’s are a large size fin that are built for speed and control. They thrive in steeper waves that pack a punch. Much like Jack’s surfing, these fins favor a sure-footed surfer that loves speed and putting the board on rail. These fins have an added layer of uni-carbon which provides extra stiffness to the fiberglass fin making the feel more predictable and stable.

The Freestone’s have a Futures Ride Number of 3.0 which means the fins are more stable, engaged and predictable. To Learn more about Ride Number or to find our what Ride Number is for you, then click HERE.

The Look

The Freestone’s provide a clean, yet quirky look of Black and White Stripes on the outside panel with polkadots on the inside panels and center fin. It is a classic look that can go with almost every surfboard design and color.

The Rating


The Freestone’s are some of the best fins that I have ever used. They provide all of the drive you could want and have an extremely sharp and predictable feel off the top. The fin worked best on my standard shortboard in any wave over chest high. I would recommend these fins to any surfer that prefers a fin with drive and a fin that can hold in hollow surf. I’d also recommend this fin to any surfer that is looking for a good set of fins for their step-up or if the waves get too big for their standard fin. The Freestone’s are a must have.